City Barge AGM, 2023

The City Barge Annual General Meeting was held on February 4, 2023 at Eynsham Village Hall, with 30 members of the association in attendance.

Committee members presented energetic and enthusiastic reports, and a full programme for 2023. There were many new items on the agenda, including the Learn to Row course planned for March, Nan and Sybille’s training week in May, the CIVV visit in July with the International Venetian Rowing Regatta, a Glamping weekend with three-day row in August, and a Settemari visit in September! All these things contribute to a rich programme for Oxford City Barge Venetian rowers.

There was a topical discussion about wearing life jackets, rowers’ safety, club liability and cold water shock which led to the committee deciding to look into this further and give an update to members.

At the end of the AGM, awards were made for contributions to City Barge. The most improved rower was Penny Kendall, and for his contribution to the construction of the new mascareta and inspirational leadership of the Big Build, Tim Williams was presented with the Murano Golden Glass Lion. 

We hope to launch the new mascareta later this year, completing the pair and enabling the club to hold races between two identical boats.

The AGM concluded with a delicious shared meal produced by Katie Balfour and her team of volunteers, finishing off with English delights of summer pudding and fruit trifle!

— Pauline Dobbs