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The Towing Path
Oxford  OX1 4UW

We are located at Longbridges Boathouse, where we share facilities including a Club Room with toilets and showers.

Arriving On Foot or By Bicycle

The Club is accessed via The TOWING PATH (green lines). It can be entered at several points: Folly Bridge, Donnington Bridge, and Abingdon Road. The towing path is shared by cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Arriving By Car

There is no direct access by car, but the nearest parking is only seven minutes walk away across Donnington Bridge. Though Meadow Lane Parking is no longer free, some limited roadside parking in Meadow Lane can be found.

Free parking may also be found at Meadow Lane adjacent to Falcon Boat Club. This tends to be limited, so early arrival is recommended. Alternatively, there is the paid  Hinksey Park Car Park, currently £4.00 for up to 5 hours. A footpath goes directly from the there to the river and the boathouse.